With numerous products and extensions to its range, Hasco promises to support and simplify processes from the idea through to the production of the part.

The comprehensive extension of the proven P1 plate range to include some 2000 new dimensions offers Hasco customers a large number of design options. In the case of accessories, in particular, attractive new developments and additions to the range have now supplemented the standard component portfolio. Innovations in the field of demoulding, heating/cooling, high-temperature applications, sensors, hydraulics and cylinders round off the range and make a key contribution to boosting efficiency and achieving cost efficiency in present-day mould-making.

With a comprehensively extended module system for slides, Hasco offers variable and customer-specific configuration options for a wide range of installation spaces, thus guaranteeing reliable demoulding throughout the entire injection moulding process. DLC-coated components offer optimum gliding properties, according to Hasco.

With the further development of its app, Hasco has now made it possible to readily calculate the surface temperature of a thermal insulation sheet. By entering individual parameters, such as the plate type, mould temperature and plate thickness, the surface temperature that can be expected on the thermal insulation sheet can be rapidly established.

The Hasco Hot Runner Division will be presenting its products under the ‘Hasco hot runner’ brand for the first time at K 2019 in conjunction with its own design and a high recognition value.

The new ‘Single Shot’ individual nozzle has an optimum price to performance ratio in the field of easy-to-process plastics. It has been designed as a single nozzle with maximum temperature homogeneity and generous flow channel cross-sections. Different tip geometries guarantee an optimum tear-off quality and ideal heat conduction right through to the gate.

Cost pressure and ever shorter "times to market" require solutions that are capable of meeting these demands. When using the Hasco Hot Half with a single needle valve, users benefit first and foremost from the high efficiency and safety of the complete, ready-to-connect system and suitable for immediate production.

01/08/2019 - To underline the importance of hot runners in the Hasco brand, the division has been given a new name: Hasco hot runner read...

20/08/2019 - Mould cores are frequently used in mould-making, these need to be cooled as conformally as possible. Hasco will be presenting cooling options at K 2019. read...

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