I love this time of year. Lights twinkling in the darkness, Mariah Carey belting out Christmas classics in my kitchen, and now my mother-in-law is dead, peace and good will to all men.

Not so much for one fat nine year old from North Carolina who paid a visit to the town Santa only to be told to lay off the burger and fries.

His mother, Ashley-Mayse says she and her son, 9-year-old Anthony, were just enjoying a holiday event in town, getting in the Christmas spirit, when a Santa went rogue and fat-shamed her son.

Anthony told Santa he had been jolly well behaved all year and chatted through some of the things on his wish list for Christmas.

Dieting advice was not one of them. But as an honest kind of chap, renowned for calling children to account that's exactly what this Santa dished out.

The kid - let's call him Fat Tony, is clearly twice the weight he should be and has spent the best part of 2016 sat on the couch shovelling food down his funnel. Double cheese whoppers with super sized fries maybe naughty and nice, but that is never going to impress Santa. Or the pediatrician for that matter.

Secondly, Fat Tony has not been fat-shamed. This is a word made up by fat people to make themselves feel better. Like plus-sized. Or body positive. Or baby fat. Or mummy tummy.

There are no such things. No one should be positive about a body which has twice the girth of an Airbus 350 Xtra. You can't give fat a cuddly name and expect it to be more loveable.

There are just people so greedy they would rather shove half the fridge in their face whilst blogging to their fat friends about how size runs in the family. Or how they have big bones. Or how the fat gene is literally a real thing. Like sunshine. Or periods.

'Fat-shamed' is a word made up by fat people to make themselves feel better. Like plus-sized. Or body positive. Or baby fat. Yet he claims Santa's advice 'really just disrespected me'

Here's the thing Anthony. That's what I grew up with. Kids made fun of fat kids. Fat kids cried and didn't like it. Then fat kids worked out eating less made life better.

Because your mother - Ashley-Mayse (truly the most dreadful name any delinquent parent ever invented) failed to instill discipline in you, and your school wrapped you in cotton wool whilst you ate half the canteen each day - you have come late to the self-pity party.

And now, your mother has done what all terrible mums do when they can't accept something is their own fault for being a bad parent. She wants to blame someone or something else.

It's the same mums that are determined their kids has ADHD, ADD or ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder to you and me). All kids who aren't used to being told no and chuck a turbo charged tantrum when they hear it from a teacher.

So their mothers seek out a syndrome and a doctor's note and bottle of pills which rattle to make themselves feel better about being useless.

Your mother failed to tell you 'no' when you asked for more food. Now, rather than admit she should be prosecuted for child cruelty for stuffing you up to the size of... well... Santa.... she now wants him fired. And she has achieved it.

John Condrey, the city manager of Forest City, said Santa did indeed make a remark that he 'regretted,' and that the matter had been addressed.

This is the Santa Claus the Mayse family say gave Anthony the advice. And I say Santa - stop apologising. This Santa should be celebrated

'He apologized to the parent, the child and the Town,' Condrey said. 'A town representative spoke to the Mother on Monday and also apologized. On Tuesday that individual who portrayed Santa Claus and was scheduled for the next two Fridays and Saturdays has informed the Town he would no longer provide his service as Santa to the Town.'

Santa has been forced out of a job he loved for ten years, by Fat Tony and his bad mother Ashley Malaise. Or whatever.

Santa should be celebrated. His brutal honesty may mean next year, Fat Tony will stop shoving food down his face, and Little Anthony will find all his wishes have come true.

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