Mark Stutzman of Friend thought he would just be selling custom molding and flooring when he started Hardwood Artisan 10 years ago.

Now his business has expanded to custom designs and cabinetry, among other millwork services such as floor installation.

Stutzman worked in carpentry for years before buying the lots that now house the Hardwood Artisan building, located at 1530 First Street in Friend.

“I knew the guy that owned five lots and he wanted to sell them, so I bought the lots and started from scratch,” Stutzman said. “I like working for myself and have never been very good at working for someone else.”

Hardwood Artisan’s current project is the installation of new flooring in T.J. Sokol Hall in Wilber.

“When I started, I was doing all the bookkeeping and everything,” Stutzman said. “Now Shane and I are working the whole sales thing.”

Hardwood Artisan has most recently added a CNC (computer numerical control) router that cuts wood and other materials into custom designs in a matter of hours or even minutes.

It allows the team to not only get through projects faster, but to take on more projects, as they previously were doing everything by hand.

“In terms of cutting out boxes for the cabinets, it’s completely transformed what we do here,” Shane said. “The capabilities we are able to do in this shop have gone up.”

Adaption to changes can only be met through a well-rounded team, Shane said, and still maintain the same amount of quality the company is known for.

“You really have to have a good team and delegate all of the different tasks so that you can focus on the areas where your strengths lie,” Shane said.

The company’s logo of a tree stump with a fingerprint on top shows how they mark their quality of work.

2 Axis Cnc Lathe Controller

“From the first piece of plywood to the installation, it’s all done right here,” Mark added. “You go where you feel you can do the most good at the time.”

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