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Alyssa is a fun and bubbly girl with a natural warmth that draws people to her. She also has a big heart for animals – especially cats, dogs and horses. Alyssa loves singing in choir, dreams of going to Paris, and hopes to be a search and rescue nurse one day. Get to know Alyssa at and other adoptable children at the .

Angel is a thoughtful, sociable girl with a killer sense of humor and a passion for fashion. She loves swimming, volleyball, and Mexican food – especially Rubio’s chicken salad. A country music enthusiast, she dreams of seeing Kane Brown perform. Get to know Angel at and other adoptable children at the

A loving and happy little boy, Anthony’s giggles are so infectious, no one can help but laugh along with him! He loves taking walks, going to the park, sliding down the slide and watching movies. At school, he has learned how to match shapes and colors and trace his name. Get to know Anthony at and other adoptable children at the .

Brian is an insightful and active young man who loves the outdoors, writing and doing crafts. He also loves to serve at his local church and at the senior center, and cares deeply for others. He hopes to find a forever family with siblings and dogs! Get to know Brian at and other adoptable children at the . .

Camren is smart, social and hardworking young man with natural leadership abilities and big dreams of earning a football scholarship to ASU. An aspiring cook with a talent for making rice, quesadillas, burgers and hotdogs, his all-time favorite food is shrimp ceviche – and he likes it spicy! Get to know Camren at and other adoptable children at the .

This kid is all about cars and trucks! Chase likes to talk about cars, dreams of inventing the fastest engine of all time, and can describe in detail his ideal monster truck. A bright, polite boy, he also does well in school, loves shooting hoops, and is learning new skills in Jujitsu. Get to know Chase at and other adoptable children at the .

Christopher is good at just about everything he tries! A great athlete who loves playing sports and staying active, his other passions include Pokémon and art – especially drawing. He’s also an excellent math student who loves robotics club and Legos club at school. Get to know Christopher at and other adoptable children at the .

Craig is a kind, loyal and spirited boy who wins the hearts of everyone he meets. He loves riding horses, working with animals, and playing sports – especially football, basketball and golf. A math whiz, he dreams of becoming an engineer one day. Get to know Craig at and other adoptable children at the .

Desiree is intelligence and athleticism are matched only by her strength and positivity. She loves cooking, volleyball and basketball and takes pride in getting good grades. A kind and caring girl, Desiree dreams of traveling to Mexico City and serving the homeless. Get to know Desiree at and other adoptable children at the .

A sweet, creative boy who can draw pictures of just about anything, Ethan loves Legos, flag football, Mexican food and German chocolate cake. He dreams of going to Universal Studios and hopes to become a professional video game designer when he grows up. Get to know Ethan at and other adoptable children at the

Gabriel’s incredible sense of humor and giant smile light up any room! An active boy with lots of friends, there’s no shortage of things he loves, from basketball and zombie tag to Legos, Mexican food and the Dodgers. Get to know Gabriel at and other adoptable children at the

A funny, sweet and happy boy, Geo loves all things sports. He plays baseball and excels at wrestling, but football is his favorite sport by far. Geo hopes to play in the NFL one day and also dreams of joining the Navy and traveling around the world. Get to know Geo and other adoptable children at the

Issac is a sweet, smart boy who loves to swim, run and ride his bike. He’s also a big fan of Legos and blocks – and he would never say no to a cuddle. Get to know Issac at and other adoptable children at the

A committed athlete who excels in wrestling, football and track, Jaquan's love of sports is matched only by his love of music. If he had a theme song, it would be "I'm Still Standing" by Taron Egerton! He loves Mexican food, history and math, and dreams of visiting the birthplace of his idol, Muhammad Ali. Jaquan plans to join the army, then pursue a career in sports, and eventually open a group home. Get to know Jaquan at and other adoptable children at the

Jayden loves the Avengers – especially Captain America – and doing arts and crafts at school. If he had to choose a favorite food, it would be spaghetti, though wings – especially from Buffalo Wild Wings – are a close second. As for his favorite animal, that’s an easy one: Chihuahuas all the way! Get to know Jayden at and other adoptable children at the

Joebert is all smiles when he has a book in his hand – especially a graphic novel. He also loves playing video games, watching professional football and basketball, and putting his own athletic skills to the test at school in PE. And since he loves fruits and vegetables – especially cantaloupe, pears and broccoli – he’s getting stronger and faster each day. Get to know Joebert at and other adoptable children at the

A high-achieving honor roll student, Jonah has talents across the board. He’s loving and respectful, excels at sports, enjoys singing with his school choir, and has an awesome sense of humor. He is determined to graduate to college – and when he puts his mind to something, nothing gets in his way! Get to know Jonah at and other adoptable children at the

Joseluis loves soccer, basketball, and building things with his hands. He recently learned to ride a bike and enjoys showing off his new skills! A respectful, happy and optimistic boy, his favorite subject is PE and his favorite foods are fish, calamari and Panda Express. Get to know Joseluis at and other adoptable children at the

A gifted musician who plays piano by ear and has a beautiful singing voice, Kalaya is also a committed student – especially in STEM subjects. She serves on the student council and plans to become a lawyer or veterinarian one day. She’s not a fan of tomatoes or seafood, but loves hot dogs and Wendy’s salads. Get to know Kalaya at and other adoptable children at the .

Matthew is a friendly, active boy who loves math, his rock collection and playing tag. His favorite sports are basketball and football and his favorite athlete is LeBron James. Always up for fun and games -- not to mention Peter Piper Pizza -- he also has a big heart, especially when it comes to dogs. Get to know Matthew at and other adoptable children at the

Nathan, an outgoing and active boy, loves the park and jumping on the trampoline. He has a special talent for drawing superheroes and can name every Marvel and DC Comics character! He is always in the mood for hot wings or a visit to his favorite restaurant -- Golden Corral -- and he loves learning about science in school. Nathan can't wait to meet his forever family. Get to know Nathan at and other adoptable children at the

Robert is a polite, outgoing boy who lights up a room and has lots of love to give. His favorite things to do are play basketball and football, ride bikes, go swimming, and play outside with friends. He’s also creatively minded and good at putting things together with his hands. Get to know Robert at and other adoptable children at the

A whip-smart mathematician with major skills in video games and computers, Roy plans to become a hardware/software engineer. A self-professed class clown, he has a softer side, too, with a deep love for horses and dogs – not to mention an awesome chili dog. Get to know Roy at and other adoptable children at the

Tahtyana is a polite and energetic young lady who has a real artsy side! She loves arts and crafts – and she’s especially good at drawing cheetahs. Her other talents include gymnastics, board games, basketball, and baking. She makes a mean strawberry cupcake with vanilla frosting! Get to know Tahtyana at and other adoptable children at the

Tieyasiajane, Arionna and Christian are three energetic sisters who bring smiles and laughter everywhere they go! Tieyasiajane, who goes by TJ, is a natural-born leader with talents in dancing and baking, while Arionna is charismatic and sociable and loves to braid hair. Their younger sister, Christian, is an active, academically inclined girl who loves to read, run and play. Get to know these sisters at and other adoptable children at the . .

A fun and spunky girl, Trinitee is an awesome athlete who loves softball, basketball, riding bikes and skateboarding. She has lots of friends, enjoys her math and reading classes at school, and will eat ramen noodles and hot wings any day of the week. She dreams of playing in the WNBA one day. Get to know Trinitee at and other adoptable children at the .

Xavier is one of the sweetest children you will ever meet. Already a patriot, his favorite part of the day is saying the Pledge of Allegiance with his classmates. He also loves being around people and listening to his favorite Disney tunes. Get to know Xavier at and other adoptable children at the

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Yahya is one of the most positive souls you’ll ever meet. He loves playing with Legos, assembling puzzles, riding scooters, bikes, playing remote control cars, coloring, blowing bubbles and creating things with Play-Doh. Yahya also loves dogs and hopes to have his own pet dog someday. Get to know Yahya at and other adoptable children at the

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