The widow of Richard Selley, who chose to end his life at the Dignitas clinic in Zurich, describes their last few days together

As the fatal cocktail flowed through the tube, Elaine Selley asked her husband, Richard: “Are you OK? Are you feeling a bit sleepy?” She saw, she says, fear in his eyes because he was not sleepy yet.

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In a bland room at Dignitas, the Swiss assisted dying centre, she, Mr Selley and his brother, Peter, shared the same unspoken anxiety as the medication took effect. What if, at the end of the arduous journey to Switzerland from Scotland, and the long uncomfortable days and nights in a Zurich hotel, Mr Selley did not have the death he had spent so much time planning, the relief he had anticipated?

“Richard by that stage generally appeared incredibly calm,” says Ms Selley, a former head teacher of Glenalmond…

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